Healthcare Communication Technology


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Keeping up with HIPAA messaging compliance in the health field is not an easy thing to do. Too many people have access to things they shouldn’t be having access to. Too many misdirected words get fired at the people they are not meant for. It becomes almost impossible sometimes to know whether someone is being honest with you or not.

This is why communication technology is an advantage in the health field. It kind of cuts out the middle man. It makes things more accessible to those who actually need it. Compliance is definitely taken more seriously in the health field with the new tools that are coming out.

Let’s look at this a bit further.

1) Accessibility has always been an issue here. In the past we would rely on others to give out messages, especially for those who could not be there in person. This would become problematic at times. Not all the messages would get delivered as expected. Mix-ups in the messages would cause some to question the validity of what was being told to them.

With the tools of today, we don’t have this problem. The tools of today allow us to reach the right person within minutes. We can give these messages to this person, without there being any sort of misunderstanding. Plus, it gets carried out in a regulated way. This was a far cry from how it happened before. We can trust the accessibility much more than we used to. This even goes for internet communication.

Say a doctor needs to get in touch with his boss who happens to be in another state. The internet has protections which can be put into effect. This way the conversation is only seen through these two people. It even works on phones too. Video conferencing can be done in a more serious and protected way.

2) Mass communication has definitely improved. A boss can send out a message to his co-worker about a rule change just like that. The co-worker receives the message instantly. This cuts down on the excuse of “I didn’t know.” With mass communication channels being improved and more compliant, the old excuses do not work anymore.

If there is a severe threat, anyone who is involved can be notified immediately. You can send out a text on your phone telling someone to “take cover now.”


information security The old ways of doing things are slowly going by the wayside. This also include the old ways of conducting business in the health field. The old ways lost something in the translation. The newer technologies are leaving nothing to chance, this also includes the issues of compliance. Before when people got into miscommunication, no one thought any thing of it.

Nowadays there are bigger ramifications for those that do not follow proper protocol with messages. The reason being is that these tools pick up on it faster. Something to think about.